The birth of ENCG took place during a meeting held on October 21, 2010 at the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ) in Berlin. This meeting was attended by 31 participants from 22 European countries and chaired by the President of the International Organisation on Crystal Growth (IOCG), Prof. Roberto Fornari, and the President of the German Association of Crystal Growth (DGKK), Prof. Peter Rudolph.
As a result of the discussions it was recommended

  • to strengthen the Crystal Growth presence in calls and programmes of the European Union, e.g. in forthcoming FP8 call,
  • to re-establish a stable and long-lasting European Conference on Crystal Growth (ECCG), i.e. next will be organised in Glasgow 2012 (ECCG-4),
  • to nucleate new national societies on crystal growth,
  • to create a European Network of Crystal Growth, represented by a Steering Committee and an Executive Committee
  • to support presently established courses on crystal growth (in Spain, Czech Rep., Italy, etc.) and to promote a new platform for education (Master Course of Crystal Growth),
  • combine ECCG with schools on crystal growth,
  • to include more actively the industry in the CG Network (the coordinator Prof. Duffar will collect names and contacts of industry from all countries) and to hold a meeting in Brussel with EU and industry representatives (organised by Prof. Duffar),
  • to communicate the dates of workshops, conferences, meetings to the IOCG in order to publish them on its web-page,
  • to have the next council meeting at ECCG-4 in Glasgow 2012.

Minutes of the meeting minutes_EACG2010_final.pdf to download